Orbi Blinking Purple Light

Do you also face Orbi blinking purple light errors? Or are you frustrated to see Orbi magenta light on your router? Worry not! We are here to help you resolve your Orbi router flashing purple light. Generally, the most common error faced by Orbi user’s is the blinking of Orbi purple light. As Orbi router upholds mesh Wi-Fi wireless technology most of its user’s are confused to confound the most proficient way to determine the glitch on their Orbi. That further causes blinking or magenta or purple light on Orbi devices. So, continue reading further and resolve Orbi router flashing purple light on your own by following the steps given.

Possible reasons for your Orbi blinking purple light error:

Orbi LED magenta light can occur due to several reasons and the most common is because of the network error on your device. However, some of the practicable reasons for purple or magenta on your Orbi device are as follows:

  1. Orbi LED magenta light or purple light can occur due to network issues.
  2. Orbi router is running some system diagnostics process.
  3. The idle reason for blinking your Orbi magenta light is that your router fails to sync with the satellite.
  4. If there are issues in your internet connection from the end of your Internet Service Provider you may face the Orbi purple light error. 
  5. In case there are changes in the configuration of your router, you may face the Orbi router flashing purple light issue.
  6. And a general cause can be viruses and malware that has affected your Orbi device to work properly. 

In order to learn more about the reason you face the Orbi purple light issue, you can feel free to call our experts. 

Troubleshoot blinking of Orbi LED magenta light error:

Every light on your Orbi router means distinct activities that are going in your device. Thus, read on below and learn the steps utilized to fix the Orbi router flashing purple light error. 

  • First and the possible step is to reboot your Orbi device.
  • Turn off the power supply.
  • Next, wait for approximately 20 seconds before turning on the power supply. 
  • Now turn on the Orbi router and wait till it gets stable. 
  • Ensure that all devices are connected to the Orbi router’s wireless network.
  • Further, check that WAN connection is properly linked.
  • Perhaps, your router fails to recognize the IP address and you are facing the orbilogin.com not working error.
  • So, ensure that your device has a proper internet connection and your Orbi device is attached to the adapter.
  • After checking that all the wires are connected now turn off the router and disconnect all the cables.
Orbi LED magenta light error
  • Wait for 20 seconds after disconnecting and power on your Orbi router.
  • Now, turn off all the cables and Orbi router and your Orbi router will flash purple light to white.
  • Turn on the internet Orbi router and wait for a few seconds. Your router will boot at this moment. 
  • Turn on your router once fully booted.

In case you still face the Orbi magenta light error go for router reset option.

Resetting Orbi router to solve orbi purple light error:

If you still face the Orbi router blinking purple issue, try resetting the Orbi device by following the given steps:

  • Locate the reset button at the bottom of your Orbi device.
  • Press the button using a needle or a sharp object.
  • For around 10 seconds hold the reset button.
  • Release the button and wait till your Orbi router restores factory default settings.
  • Make sure that you do not turn off the Wi-Fi device while attempting this process. 
  • Try again to sync Orbi router to satellite once the factory default setting is restored.
Orbi router firmware update, May a reason behind the orbi magenta light error:

Corrupted or outdated firmware of your device can also cause the Orbi LED magenta light error. Thus, updating the firmware can also help in resolving your problem. 

  • First, to access the login page of Orbi devices use www.orbilogin.com or www.orbilogin.net.
  • Now, check for firmware update and follow the on-screen instructions to update Orbi router firmware.
  • Next, install the updated firmware file from the download folder.

Following the above, you can easily resolve the Orbi router flashing purple light issue. For more information about your Orbi Wi-Fi device contact our technicians on our toll free number. 

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