In this article, we are providing simple steps to setup Linksys range extender RE6500. Follow the steps and enjoy internet in the dead zone areas. Meanwhile, if you have any doubt, contact our support team.

linksys re6500 setup

Quick setup for Linksys RE6500

  • Take out antennas from the box and attach them to your extender. Position them upright to get maximum output.
  • Attach power adapter to the extender and also to the electrical outlet.
  • Position your extender midway between area without Wi-Fi and your router. Make sure your extender is in the range of your router’s network.
  • Turn on your extender and wait till the power LED turns solid green.
  • Turn on your computer and connect it to the range extender’s network. You will see the network name or SSID of your Linksys extender in the available list of network. Connect to it.
  • From this device, launch a web browser. Type or in the address bar.
  • A setup screen displays. Click on the start button. On the next screen, accept terms and condition or License Agreement.
Linksys RE6500 Extender setup
  • A list of networks will be shown. Select your wireless network. You will see both bands.
  • Signal strength will be determined by your extender using Spot Finder. If extender is not in the reach of your router’s network, place it closer to your router and then again follow from step 4.
  • A password window prompted. Enter the password and click next.
  • Configure your extender network. Default names will be created for each band. You can alter the same.
  • Create an admin password and you can also give some hint for that. Click next to proceed.
  • At last, you will see “Your Extender is setup” window.

    The setup is completed. Get in touch or leave a question for any query. Enjoy!!