Are you tired of waiting to resolve your Asus router common issues and looking for someone to clear all your doubts regarding the Asus router? If your Asus router is blinking orange then you are not the only user who faces this issue. There are many Asus router users out there who are unable to find adequate solutions for the issues they face with their router.

Several issues can arrive in your Asus router. We can provide you solutions if your Asus router is not working by discussing some troubleshooting tips. If you are confused why there is orange light on Asus router, you can trust on us as we will guide you with troubleshooting Asus router issues.

Why Asus Router is Blinking Orange Light?

If your Asus router is blinking orange light, then it is not a very terrifying issue as there are many reasons behind it. Sometimes, there might be a wire connectivity error between the Asus router and modem which can cause orange light on Asus router. When you see the orange light on Asus router, it can be because of several reasons.

  • Physical connection problem
  • No internet connectivity
  • Firmware problem
  • Router is hardware failure

Given below is a list of issues that could be the reason for your Asus router not working and also some tips for troubleshooting Asus router issues.

fix asus router blinking orange light
Fixing the Physical connection problem:

Make sure that the modem is well connected to WAN port of the Asus router via Ethernet cable.

Also, ensure there is proper connectivity between the computer and LAN port of the router via another Ethernet cable. This will fix the Asus router is blinking orange light issue.

But somehow, if still, your Asus router is not working, you can check the other troubleshooting tips.

No internet connectivity issue:

Sometimes, due to no internet access, your Asus router can start blinking orange light. To make sure that the internet is working fine, you need to connect your modem directly to the computer and try to access the internet. If you cannot access the internet, it means there is a problem from your internet service provider end.

Fix Firmware issue

If you want to know why Asus router is blinking orange light then you can make sure you have updated firmware properly. Due to outdated firmware, you can see the orange light on Asus router.

You need to go Asus router official website to download the latest version of your router firmware. To update the firmware of your Asus router, you need to follow the steps which are given-below:

  • Log into the Asus router setup page.
  • Click on the ‘Administration’ tab and select the ‘Firmware update’ option.
  • When you see ‘Update’ option, click on it. 

Reset the Asus router

If after trying tips for troubleshooting Asus router issues, if your Asus router is not working still then the last option left is to reset the Asus router to factory default settings.

Press the ‘Reset’ button which is located on the bottom of the router with the help of a sharp object. After a few seconds, release the reset button. With that, your Asus router will be reset to its factory default settings. At last, set up your Asus router and if you still see orange light flashing on the Asus router then it means there is a hardware failure on your router.

If you have any doubts, you can reach to us as we will assist you with the best troubleshooting Asus router issues tips. Or, if you are still finding solutions regarding Asus router is not working, you are free to contact our technical experts. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide you with the best assistance and they are just a phone call away. So, contact them via their toll-free number.