With technology being an essential part of day to day life, an intelligently designed router has also become a vital part of it. For instance, let us consider a Belkin router that has covered all the residential areas and commercial spaces with the internet and has made it easy to work today we will fix belkin router orange light or Belkin orange light error. 

Belkin Router lights error

Despite this, if this essential part starts bugging the internet connection we deliberately look for different lights on the wireless router. Every given light on your Belkin router indicates what is happening and it is essential to learn the details of the lights given. Basically, a router LED light comes in 3 colors namely; Green, red, and orange.

Reasons: Why belkin router orange light error

Thus, this post is all about your Belkin router orange light (also known as amber light) as it is one of the common issues found in the router. When your router is working normally the green LED turns on representing that your router is working fine and when your router is malfunctioning the red light will turn on indicating the replacement or repair of your router. But when the orange light turns on it is an indication of caution either for an incomplete setup, no internet connection, firmware upgrade, ongoing data activity or indication error.

How to fix Belkin Router Orange light

Apart from this, when your Belkin router orange light is on you will see that it functions normally unless your internet connection is turned off or cut off. Other than this, if you experience a slow internet access while your orange light is still on, you can go for basic troubleshooting steps as follows:

How to fix belkin router orange light
Easy steps to fix belkin router orange light:
  • Check that the Ethernet cable is connected properly and connections are firm. A malfunctioning Ethernet cable can also cause this problem. So, try connecting the modem and the router with another one. 
  • Secondly, make sure that both ends of your LAN cable are securely fastened to the router and devices. Also, check for a cable damage as it may also disturb the communication pathway. 
  • Third fix is to check the power outlet as it is one of the common mistakes that a user makes. Thus, go for a different power outlet for your Belkin router. Given this, the orange light from your router will disappear once the power source is OK. 
  • Belkin router may not be working properly because of overheating as well. So, if possible try to cool down your router by switching it off for 30 seconds or try moving your router to a well-ventilated area. 
  • If the router is still not working accordingly, you need to visit the router’s manufacturer website to update the outdated firmware version of your router. Once it is done the orange LED from the router’s internet indicator will disappear. 
  • Next, reset the router as your router may be misbehaving due to incorrect router settings. So, you can try to reset your router by following the given steps;
  1. Locate the reset button at the back of the router,
  2. Press the reset button for 10 seconds
  3. Reboot your router.

The whole process may take 5 minutes as each router has a different reboot speed. 

  • Second last step of the troubleshooting process to give your router a much needed break and to do so you can perform a power cycle. You can use the below given 30/30/30 rule to perform this step; 
  1. Turn off the router for 30 seconds
  2. Unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds
  3. Re-plug it to the power outlet for 30 seconds
  4. Lastly, reboot your router
  • But what if all the above given steps did not work. Not to lose hope as it is the time to contact your ISP support team. It is better to have a specialist to determine the advanced problem your router is facing.

Advanced steps to fix belkin router orange light error

Note: If you still facing error with your device, Get instant help from experts, Contact via CHAT or CALL

In the end, if there is an orange light on your Belkin router, there is nothing to worry about as it is easily fixable and your router will start working properly.