For those who are unfamiliar with the Netgear Orbi, it is a Wi-Fi mesh system designed to provide high-quality Wi-Fi coverage across your home. Even if you wish to connect your existing router to it, it’s incredibly simple to set up. It has a dedicated channel for channeling data traffic from the router to the extension while squeezing the maximum throughput to satisfy the internet demands of the family. When you connect your Orbi device to your ISP modem, you’ll have Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home, and you’ll be able to walk around without losing signal or reception.

Learn how to configure Netgear’s orbi configuration with the router you already own. You can set up an orbi with your router, making it an access point.

Easy steps to perform orbi configuration using your existing router:

  • Connect the device to the power source of your choice.
  • Purchase your Ethernet cable. Attach it to your Internet port on the Netgear Orbi router.
  • The other end is the router you already own.
  • Start an internet browser you like. Input in the box for URL.
  • Log in using your username and password associated with the account.
  • Select the Advanced tab, and then select the option “Advanced Setup”.
  • Select Router and change the mode of operation to “AP.”
  • On to activate the AP mode. Choose your IP settings.
  • Save the page and close your browser.
  • The process of installing the orbi to the router is already installed easily.

How do I connect to my Orbi from my to a router on the internet?

Connecting an Orbi router Orbi router to the router currently in use is a simple and easy process. Follow the instructions following:
  • Place the Orbi device near the router you already have.
  • Connect the Orbi device to the power source.
  • The power light has to remain in a steady manner.
  • Make sure your router is connected to electricity in it and that you are connected.
  • Use the Ethernet cable and connect the cable’s other end into your router.
  • The other end of the cable will be connected to an internet port on the device.
  • The Orbi device is connected with the router that you have already set up.

Access Point mode vs. Router mode

Different modes of operation are supported by your Netgear Orbi. You have the option of using it as an access point or as a router. The router mode is the most often used and is also the default operation mode.

If you already have a modem (standalone) from your internet service provider, this will be used. To assign IP addresses to all customers on the home network and route their traffic to the modem and then to the ISP, just connect your ISP’s modem to the Orbi router.

When you have access to a router gateway, such as your Wi-Fi modem/router combination, access point mode is used. The ISP must be connected to this router gateway, and your Orbi router must be connected behind your current router.