To secure your Linksys wireless router with a password, you have to begin with the connectivity of your computer. To complete this, take an Ethernet cable and connect your Linksys router with it. Though you can perform this setup on wireless but you will face dis-connectivity while performing this setup.

To secure your router follow the below given steps:

  • Initially connect your computer directly to the LAN port of your router and switch on the computer. Once you are through with this step then open your web browser.
  • After initializing the web browser, you have to clear the Address Bar. Now write into the Address Bar. Now press the Enter button on your keyboard and wait for the browser to response.
  • Now you will get a prompt for USERNAME and PASSWORD, Here you need to put admin in the password and leave the username blank. Press enter once you are done. linksys setup
  • Once you are done with the third step; you will be getting screen view of Linksys interface management. Now click on the Wireless button which is on the top left of the screen. You can take help from the below-given diagram.
  • After clicking the wireless tab you will be getting the screen view as below, you will be getting a manual button for WiFi protected setup. But if you are using the older version of the Linksys router then you don’t need to follow this step.
  • Now you need to change the Network Name (SSID) as per your choice, once you are done with this save your SSID name and to do it click on “Save Settings”. For wireless setup, after this step, you will be getting disconnected. Now you need to connect again on the new SSID name.
linksys setup
  • After the step 6 now you have to return on the same screen and click on the “wireless security” tab. In this page, you have to select a security mode. Here you can select the type of security WPA/WPA2 Mixed mode. If you are using the latest version of Linksys Wireless router then opt WPA security mode in place of WEP mode. After that select WPA personal and click TKIP encryption mode.

Now select your passphrase with 8-63 alphanumeric characters. You can set your passphrase as per your choice. Once you have done with your password selection then click the “Save Setting” button and save all your settings.

  • After following the above steps, now your Linksys wireless router is secured and it will broadcast the secure wireless connectivity. Now if anyone wants to access your wireless network, he needs to put the password. If you still feel any trouble to resolve the issue you can install third-party software to secure your wireless network. These third-party soft wares are designed to protect any malicious action or attack.