TP-Link routers come with a wireless Printer server function that lets you share your printer with the home network. Printer server function allows you connect your wireless printer and share it on your local network. Connecting wireless printer with TP-Link router allows you remotely print anything from any device whether it is PC, laptop, Smartphone or more. If you are using a wireless printer for your home network settings, you can easily print your files or documents from any corner of your home. This article will walk you through the tp link printer setup.

What you need to configure tp-link router with printer?

A TP-Link Router which supports print server function.

  • USB printer
  • USB cables
  • A computer with any operating system
tplink login

How to setup and share a printer on your tp-link network?

A print server function automatically assigns an IP address to the wireless printer. When you turn on the printer, it receives an IP address and you can print on your local network. You can connect multiple devices such as computer, laptop, Smartphone etc. to share files and access Wi-Fi.  Connecting wireless printer with TP-Link router is quite an easy process. Before you start the setup process, you need to make sure that the printer deriver’s are installed on your PC. Here are the steps to perform the tp link print server setup:

  1. First of all, download and install the USB Print Controller Utility from TP-Link’s website.
  2. Click ‘Next’ and install the print share software on your PC.
  3. Click ‘Install’ to begin start the tp link printer setup.
  4. Once the installation is completed, click ‘Finish’ to complete and exit the installation wizard.
  5. After that, the ‘USB Print Controller Utility’ icon will appear on the PC.
  6. Double-Click on the icon to open it and select the printer that you want to set as auto-connect printer.
  7. Click on the ‘Set Auto-Connect Printer’ option and click Apply.
  8. After successful settings, your printer marked as Auto-Connect Printer. Now you can print your documents automatically.

If you can’t print from your wireless printer, you need to log into the TP-Link router’s configuration page. To log into the web management page of the TP-Link router, follow the below given instructions:

  • Launch a web browser on your PC and enter the default IP address of the TP-Link router in the address bar.
  • A login window screen will appear on your computer’s screen. Enter the default username and password of your router in the given fields and click ‘Login’.
  • After you login, you will see the web-based management page of the TP-Link router.
  • Now, access the USB Settings and select the ‘Print Server’ option.
  • Next, enable the ‘Print Server’ function.

Hope, this article will help you out to know how to setup and share a printer on your tp-link network. If you face issue in connecting wireless printer with TP-Link router, contact us at our toll-free no. or chat live via a live chat window.