Netgear routers have already made their impact on router industry. Their features get appreciated by a large number of router users. This is the reason the majority of the router users prefers Netgear Router as compared to other routers. Netgear router doesn’t get limited to router function only. If you wish to use it as a repeater then you can also do that. By this, you not only save your time but your hard money as well. Another benefit of doing this is that you get maximum Wi-Fi coverage on your home network. By the time, you don’t need to learn fresh company setup, because you already know Netgear router settings. To Switch Netgear Router to Repeater, you need to configure your router as a repeater. If you don’t know how to configure Netgear router as a repeater then don’t panic we are here to assist you. We will teach you from router login to set up each setting of the repeater.

So, get ready to enjoy the Netgear Router as a repeater. We are mentioning points related to repeater setup. Just in case, you get an issue during setup, simply contact our team without delay. Here, we want to mention an important point. If you are using the non-Netgear router as a repeater, get ready to change more settings. So, only disable the DHCP server function on a repeater access point. Follow the below-given steps now.

Method to Configure Netgear Router as a Repeater

For router login, take a computer or a wireless device that is connected to the router or repeater network. Now, open a web browser on your computer & Enter web address into the address bar. If this web address doesn’t work then try to use You can also use or

  •   If any of these address works & take you to the Netgear Router login page then next enter default login details.
  •   Use admin as a username & password for a password, if you haven’t changed router login details before.
  •   If you have made any changes then default login will not work. So, it is better to enter personalized router login details to move further.
  •   Or if personalized login details also didn’t work then restore Netgear router to default settings. Need help for this? If yes, then give us a call on a toll-free number.
  •   Next, go to Wireless settings & check if wireless settings can match exactly, to the base unit?
  •   Before you head to Wireless Repeating setup, ensure Security Options should be set to None.
  •   After this, click on Advanced next to Advanced Setup & then Wireless Repeating.
  •   Choose Enable Wireless Repeating Function after wireless Repeating.
  •   Finally, select Wireless Repeater option.
  •   Type IP address of your Netgear repeater into a field of Repeater IP Address. Make sure IP address must be in similar subset just as the base station. Still, it must differ from the Base station LAN IP address.
  •   Make a selection for Disable Wireless Client Association. Just in case, you don’t wish wireless clients to get subordinate with the repeater. Or you only want LAN client associations with the Netgear repeater.

We want to remind you if you find need assistance for these steps or router login you can contact us anytime.

How to configure netgear router

Continue With the Steps of Configuration of Netgear Router as a Repeater

Now, enter MAC addresses into the field of Base Station MAC Address for a base station that is presently an access point.

  •   Once you have done with the settings, Click on Apply Button.
  •   Don’t forget to check to connectivity diagonally the LANs.

Any computer that is on any wired or wireless LAN segment of the Netgear router can join the internet. The computer can also share & print documents with other server or computer, which is connected to the access point.

We at customer support get lots of queries regarding troubleshooting request for Internet Service Connection. Without an internet connection, you can’t setup or configure or perform router login. So, taking into consideration this issue, we have arranged few effective troubleshooting tips for unable to access the internet issue. So, you must take advice from our experts to know these tips. 

Advice Direct From the Experts

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