Tp-link wifi router is suitable for home usage as well as for offices. A Tplink router can provide internet access all over your home area. So, this basically reduces the need of installing any other router or extender in your home. The latest Tplink routers are embedded with lots of new features. All the latest routers are having beam forming technology, work on 802.11 ac standard, have parental control feature, have guest access feature and many other features like this. We want internet all the time, this is the need of today’s generation. So, to get connected and access fast speed internet, buy and install a tp link wifi router.

The setup of the TP-Link router is simple and easy. You can manage the web console of the router very easily. If a user wants to change the settings then finding the tab for each setting is very easy and reliable. In This page, you will find steps sequence wise, so that you don’t get stuck in the middle. For now, we will discuss how to use Tp-link router as an access point? While doing this, we will not use WAN port during configuration. Throughout Tp-Link router Configuration as an access point, the key router will be connected to Tp-link N Router via LAN port.

How to Configure Tp-Link router as a Wireless Access Point?

  • Make use of an Ethernet cable & connect your computer to second LAN port of tp link wifi router.
  • Next, login to router user interfaces by entering Router IP address into browser address bar. If you don’t know what your router IP address is, check the bottom of the TP-Link N router. In case, you are making use of Wi-Fi, don’t try these points.
  • Move forward to next option. Go for Network & then LAN on Menu. Hereafter, match your tp link wifi router LAN IP address with IP address of the identical segment of the Key router. Ensure, IP address remains outside from Key router’s DHCP range.
tplink setup
  • Once you modify LAN IP address, your router requires a quick reboot. After reboot login to your tp link wifi router with fresh IP address.
  • Now go to option of wireless setting & start configuring Network name (SSID). The network name can be different or similar from your key router. After this, click on Save button.
  • Configure wireless security under wireless option. Experts suggest WPA2-Personal & WPA as a reliable option. Once you have done with configuration, click on the save button.
how to configure tplink router
  • Just in case, you have Dual Band Router, repeat this procedure for the 5GHz band also.
  • Visit DHCP Settings & choose to disable the DHCP Server & click On the Save key.
  • For rebooting the tp link wifi router, go to System Tools & then pick Reboot.
  • Make use of Ethernet cable for getting connecting to the Key router by the use of Router any LAN ports. After this, devices can access the Internet from other LAN ports of TP-Link router. Not only this, any Wi-Fi device can make use of SSID and Password to access the internet.

Secure Your Network by Changing Default Router IP address

  • Take a computer or a wireless device, open web browser of your choice.
  • Type tp link wifi router Default IP address into browser address bar. If this IP address doesn’t work then use or web address or hit the enter button. In tp link wifi router, default IP address differs from router model. To know your router model IP address, Utilize Default Gateway Address & find exact IP address.
  • In next window, enter default username & password of the router. Default Username & password is admin.
  • If you personalized router password before, enter the fresh one.
  • Choose Network & then LAN placed at the left side of the Menu.
  • Modify Router IP address as per preference & then click Save button.
tplink router setup

After this, when you try to login to tp link wifi router make use of fresh router IP address.

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