Netgear has a number of quality routers to offer to its users worldwide. They all are superior in quality & advance feature & approach-wise. They are also ideal for any home or office work. They work smart & fast & compatible with almost every device. If we talk about dual-band router even then also Netgear doesn’t lack behind any modern router. Today we have the Netgear model WNDR3400V2 a dual band router that is already a trend among other routers available nowadays. Be with us till the end of the Blog & learn a lot about Netgear WNDR3400V2. We will try to cover most of the information regarding Netgear WNDR3400V2 dual-band router. You can also make your mind if you want to have a router like this for your home & office.

netgear wndr3400v2 setup

Like any other Netgear router, you will get basic feature including few advanced features. It is same old Netgear Router but with a touch of innovative technology. So, for now, we will start with the specification of the Netgear model WNDR3400V2. 

Specification of the Netgear WNDR3400V2 Dual-Band Router

Netgear model WNDR3400V2 is true dual-band router

  •   Netgear WNDR3400V2 provides Long range & fast wireless performance.
  •   Loaded With Networking features for example traffic meter, Guest zone, for network storage, it has USB external hard-drive backing.
  •   In-built Web interface gives access to Netgear model WNDR3400V2 dual band basic to advanced settings.
netgear wndr3400 setup

Amazing Wireless Performance on both of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Bands.

  •   8 LED lights indicate the status of the network ports & Internet connectivity.
  •   Internal Antennas.
  •   Wi-Fi Protected Setup button.
  •   Netgear Genie for step by step setup Instruction.
  •   Netgear ReadyShare feature which manages router storage.

So these are few specification of your Netgear WNDR3400V2 Dual-Band Router. When you start configuration of your router, the first point that requires attention is Router Positioning. It paves way for stable internet connectivity & ensures connectivity to its client devices. So for now, take a look at the steps needed to place your Netgear Router.

How To Position Your Netgear model WNDR3400V2 Dual-Band Router?

Place your router in a straight line of your wireless router. Ideal place for Router positioning is where other devices & Computer is operating.

  •   Not to forget that it can also access the AC power outlet. Also nearby the Ethernet cable if you about to make use of a wired computer.
  •   Minimize the number of electrical devices & avoid the places like a high shelf or elevated location.
  •   Metal surfaces also need to be avoided while positioning Netgear model WNDR3400V2 dual-band router.

When you understand the actual positioning required for your router, next prepare your router for the installation.

netgear wndr3400 setup

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