If you looking for a Quality dual-band router, & can operate an 802.11n network then you can try Tplink router. Tplink Archer C8 route can give a maximum throughput of 1300Mpbs on 5GHz band. So, get ready to enjoy exceptional range and speed which is ideal for small home & office networks. Network and user who needs higher bandwidth can go for Tplink Archer router series. You get four built-in Gigabit ports in Tplink archer router which provides high-speed connection to wired devices.  Apart from this, it has a number of other features that are quite impressive and useful. So, take a look at the key features of the Tplink Archer C8 Router.

Unmatched Speed

Your Tplink archer router can provide speed up to 1750Mbps wireless connection with your other wireless devices. You can stream multiple data at the same time, which make sure you enjoy smooth and stable network. If you wish to have unpredicted networking performance at a speed much quicker than 802.11n, get Tplink Archer C8 today. This router is compatible with the products of all EEE 802.11n, EEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11b.

Various Security Features

Your Tplink Archer C8 is fully secured with security features. The security features are wireless LAN 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, SSID broadcast control, Wi-Fi Protected Access and firewall protection.

Other Features of Tplink Archer Router

USB 3.0 port & a USB 2.0 port supports print server and file sharing.

  •   Has to support for firmware upgrade & Web management.
  •   The router has features, such as Access Control & Parental Control.
tplink router login

Points To Keep In Mind before Installing the Router

Begin with installing Antennas.

  •   Now, turn off your modem and remove its battery backup, if it has any.
  •   Attach your modem to the router internet port via an Ethernet Cable.
  •   Next, turn on your modem and wait for about 2 minutes, until it restarts.
  •   Turn on your Tplink Archer Router
  •   Make sure LED lights are firm prior router configuration.
Quick Setup for Tplink Router

Initially, set up the TCP/IP Protocol, in order to get an IP address by default on your computer.

  •   Launch a web browser, on your computer and the wireless device.
  •   Type domain name http://tplinkwifi.net or default IP address into browser address bar.

A login window will appear on your computer screen.

  •   In this window, you will require entering Tplink Router default login credentials.
  •   Use Admin for both the username and password in the given fields. Press login button after you enter login credentials.
  •   Once you complete router login successfully, Quick Setup page will get appear.

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